How to Update Nuvi 750 Maps

by Carol Ng
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The nüvi 750 is a discontinued model in Garmin's nüvi 700 series, currently replaced (as of 2010) by models 755/755T. It came preloaded with detailed street maps for North America, which include points of interest (POIs) such as local attractions, hotels, shopping, restaurants, fueling stations, and ATMs. Garmin sells a variety of updates and additional maps, including city maps for Europe, topographical maps, and trail maps.

Step 1

Plug the mini USB cable into your nüvi and the computer. The nuvi should show up on your computer's list of devices or hard drives in less than a minute.

Step 2

Navigate to the Garmin map update site (see Resources) and select the best description of your GPS.

Step 3

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin to your browser. After you restart your browser, the Garmin website should open automatically and recognize your nüvi model.

Step 4

Enter your serial number to identify map updates that are compatible with the nuvi 750. Buy updates. Garmin will display the product keys for your purchase and allow you to download the Garmin Map Update application.

Step 5

Follow the online instructions to install the Map Update application, which will detect your product keys and install your updates automatically.

Wait until the updates, which are typically over 1GB, complete downloading.


  • Disconnecting the nuvi from the computer during the update may cause map corruption. If this occurs, restart the update from the beginning.


  • If you registered within 60 days of purchase, go to the Garmin website (see Resources) to check if you qualify for a free map update.


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