How to Update Navigation Software

by Melissa King

GPS navigation devices are designed to assist drivers with directions to many destinations throughout North America. These devices provide turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates and a variety of travel tools. On occasion, a software update may be released that fixes issues with your GPS, such as freezing or glitches. Some updates add new features or make improvements to existing ones. Software updates are generally free, and after downloading an update, it can be applied to your GPS using a brief installation process.

Go to the website for your particular GPS model to locate the latest update.

Download the update or update service application, depending on what is available to you. Update service applications automatically check for available updates every time you connect your GPS to the computer. Stand-alone updates must be installed by you manually.

Connect the GPS to the computer with its included cable, and turn the device on. Run the update or update service application.

Install the stand-alone update by clicking through the screens that appear. If you are using a update service application, you are prompted to download and install the update if one is found. Click "Yes" or "OK" to begin this process. You are notified when the process has completed.

Remove the GPS from the computer and turn the device off. Restart the GPS to ensure that the software update was successful.

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