How to Update Mio Moov 500 GPS Maps

By Tammy Columbo

Update your Mio Moov maps with the MioMore Desktop software.
i Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

You can update your Mio Moov 500 GPS device with maps from the installation DVD or by purchasing the updates from the Mio website (see Resources). The installation DVD comes with the MioMore Desktop software, which you can use to install, activate and remove maps from your device, as well as update older maps with newer versions. Note that you need an active Internet connection in order to update your device's maps using the MioMore Desktop software on your computer.

Install MioMore Desktop

Step 1

Insert the Mio DVD into your computer’s DVD drive. The installer launches automatically, but if the setup file does not launch, navigate to the “Install.exe” file on the DVD, and then click the file to start the installation.

Step 2

Click the icon for your desired language, and then click “Install.” The License Agreement displays; accept it to open the Installation Destination dialog box.

Step 3

Click “Next” to accept the default location, or click “Browse” to browse to and select another location, and then click “Next.”The MioMore Desktop application is installed on your computer. Click “Finish” to close the wizard when the installation completes.

Update Maps

Step 1

Launch the MioMore Desktop application on your computer, and then connect the Mio Moov 500 to your computer with the USB data cable that shipped with the device. Press the “Power” button on the GPS. The GPS connects and registers to the MioMore software.

Step 2

Update the MioMore Desktop software to obtain additional maps and updates. Open MioMore Desktop, and then click through "Tools | Options | General | Auto Check for Updates.” The application performs an update check. Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update, if one is available. Available maps and map updates display in your MioMore Desktop.

Step 3

Click “My Maps” to open My Maps, where you can see a list of installed and available maps for your device. Installed maps display in green font; unlocked maps ready to be installed display in yellow; maps that require activation or further action display in red; and maps you can purchase from Mio display in blue.

Step 4

Click a red or yellow map to update the map to your device. If the map requires activation, the Activation wizard launches. Purchase the Map Product Key, if required, and then type the Map Product Key into the corresponding fields. Click “Next.” The application connects to Mio's servers to activate your map. When the map is activated, its title displays in yellow.

Step 5

Click the link for the activated map you want to install. The link text turns to yellow, indicating that the map is available, but not yet installed.

Step 6

Click the icon for your device, and then click “Transfer Now” to install the selected map to your Mio Moov. The map link changes color to green. It is now updated and ready to use.