How to Update Microsoft Word 2002

By Stephen Lilley

If you've got Microsoft Word 2002 installed on your computer, you don't have to go to any specific websites and download and install files if you want to update your software. Because Word (and the entire Office productivity suite) is a Microsoft application, you can update everything all at once by using the Windows Update feature that is built into all versions of the Windows operating system. You just need to have a working Internet connection.

Click "Start."

Click "Programs."

Click "Windows Update." You will now see Internet Explorer open and Windows Update load on your screen.

Click "Check for Updates." Windows Update will now check to see if any of the installed Microsoft programs on your computer, including Word 2002, have updates. If any are available, you will be presented with a list of those you can download.

Check the box next to the listing for the updates you'd like to download. You can choose to download all of the available updates or only the one for Microsoft Word 2002.

Click "Install." Your updates for Microsoft Word 2002 (and all of the other Microsoft programs on your computer) will now be downloaded and installed to your machine.

Restart your computer. This will complete all of the update installations and your Microsoft Word 2002 will now be up to date.