How to Update Microsoft Office 97

By Stephen Lilley

If you have Microsoft Office 97 installed on your computer, you have the option of going to Office's website and manually downloading and installing any updates that are available for the program for free. While this is convenient, there is a much easier way--you can use Windows Update, the update feature present in the Windows operating system, to automatically connect and download the same updates.

Click "Start."

Look for the "Windows Update" icon. If you see it immediately after clicking "Start," click on it to load Windows Update. If this applies to you, skip to "Step 5." If the "Windows Update" icon has been removed from this default location, continue to "Step 3."

Click "Programs."

Click "Windows Update."

Click "Check for Updates." A list of compatible updates for your Microsoft software will appear on screen. Go through the list and specifically check any updates related to Microsoft Office 97.

Click "Download." The Microsoft Office 97 updates (as well as any other system updates you selected in the previous step) will be downloaded and installed.