How to Update McAfee SiteAdvisor

by Stephen Lilley

McAfee SiteAdvisor is a utility that operates quite differently from the regular McAfee Antivirus software. Instead of patrolling your computer for signs of viruses and spyware, McAfee SiteAdvisor checks out the websites you're visiting with your web browser. If a security breach is detected, you will be warned on screen. You can update McAfee SiteAdvisor through its system tray icon.


Locate your "McAfee SiteAdvisor" system tray icon. This icon takes the form of a gray box with a red letter "M" inside and will be to the left of your computer's clock icon.


Right-click the "McAfee SiteAdvisor" system tray icon.


Click "Updates." A new box will appear on screen, informing you that McAfee SiteAdvisor is now going to attempt to connect to the Internet and download available updates. Click "OK." McAfee SiteAdvisor will now update itself.

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