How to Update Maps Using Navman GPS

By Edward Mercer

Updated maps keep your Navman GPS functional.
i PIKSEL/iStock/Getty Images

As roads and the reference points along the way change, a GPS unit is only as good as its data. Keeping your GPS maps updated is critical to ensuring that your device's directions are accurate and useful. Navman GPS uses a firmware application you install on your computer to administrate map content and updates. This software package, NavDesk, works with most Navman devices and lets you update map content on the MY400LMT, EZY100T and EZY200 car navigation models from Navman.

Step 1

Make sure NavDesk is installed on your computer. You can install the program from the CD that shipped with your Navman device or download it from Navman's website (see Resources). Also make sure that your GPS device is fully charged.

Step 2

Open a Web browser and navigate to Navman's map update page (see Resources). Browse through the different device tables and locate the heading for your device model and the row for the map region you want to update, such as Eastern Europe, Australia or North America.

Step 3

Click on the link next to the appropriate updated map to download it. The MY400LMT comes with lifetime free maps and updates and lets you simply click on the "Download GPS Map" next to the appropriate map. Unless you've purchased an update plan for your EZY model GPS device, click on the "Purchase GPS Map" link next to the appropriate map to be directed to the payment screen. After purchase, a product key number will be sent to you by email. You still have to click on the "Download GPS Map" link to download the file.

Step 4

Save the map file to the directory Documents/My Maps, which NavDesk creates on your computer.

Step 5

Connect your Navman GPS device to the computer with the USB cable. Power the device on and wait for it to display the computer connection screen, featuring images of a computer and a GPS device around a USB logo.

Step 6

Launch NavDesk on your computer.

Step 7

Click on the "Unlock Features" button in NavDesk.

Step 8

Enter the product key number for your map subscription, which comes with the product documentation in the case of a MY400LMT, or the product key sent to you by email in the case of a purchase with an EZY model device.

Step 9

Click on the "Continue" button.

Step 10

Click on the "My Maps" button back in the NavDesk window to launch the Loadable Maps window.

Step 11

Click on the "Open" button next to the map file you just downloaded to open two windows: My Navman and Map Source.

Step 12

Check the box next to your old map in the My Navman window and click on the "Remove Maps" button. Wait for the process to finish.

Step 13

Check the box next to the map you just unlocked in the Map Source window and click on "Install Maps." Wait for the process to finish. NavDesk will send you a notification when the transfer is complete.