How to Update a Magellan Maestro

By Heather Topham Wood

The Magellan Maestro is a line of GPS devices that features one-touch navigational menus, 3D landmarks, Bluetooth, live traffic news and FM radio transmission compatibility. If you own a Magellan Maestro, you will want to keep the device updated in order to ensure you have the latest software and maps.

Step 1

Visit the "Support" page on the Magellan web site. You will need to choose the particular model of the Maestro that you own in order to continue. On this page, you will find several update categories for your GPS.

Step 2

Download the Content Manager Toolbox under the "Updates" tab on the Magellan web site under the "Support" menu. You'll need to install this program on your PC before you can update the Magellan Maestro.

Step 3

Connect the Magellan Maestro after you have launched the newly installed Content Manager ToolBox. Create a backup file before you proceed. To create a backup, click "Yes" when the Content Manager ToolBox program asks if you want to create a backup.

Step 4

Wait for the program to automatically search for any software updates for your Magellan Maestro. If there is an update available, you will hit "Yes" on the confirmation screen to install it on your GPS. Once the install is complete, you can disconnect the sync cable.

Step 5

Upload new maps onto your Magellan Maestro. As part of your update, you will want to load all of the current maps onto your GPS. Find these updates under "Upgrades and Maps" on the support page. Connect your Magellan Maestro with your USB cable and click on the available links to start the sync.