How to Update Kodak Easyshare Firmware

by Mark Spowart

Today's digital cameras can be closely compared to computers. While they are first and foremost cameras and designed to capture and record images, they are very similar to computers with there internal processors, memory drives and operating systems. And in the same way, we receive automatic software updates for computer's operating systems on digital camera that are subject to upgrades from time to time known as "firmware upgrades." Kodak and their line of "EasyShare" digital cameras should be updated whenever there is a new firmware upgrade to keep the cameras working properly.

Connect your Kodak EasyShare digital camera to your computer using a USB cable.

Turn your home computer on, launch an Internet browser and go to the Kodak driver and firmware page. This page contains drivers and firmware upgrades for all of Kodak's consumer products.

Click on the drop down menu and select "Digital Camera."

Click on the new drop down box asking you to "Choose a Type of Digital Camera," and select "EasyShare-One Cameras."

Click on "Select a Product" and select the appropriate tab for your camera. Click the "Go" button.

Select the computer operating system your home computer is using from the drop down window then press the "Download" button to begin the download.

Turn your Kodak EasyShare camera to install the firmware upgrade that was just downloaded to your computer. Click on "Start Upgrade" button in the software to upload the new firmware to your camera. Disconnect your Kodak EasyShare digital camera when the download is complete.

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