How to Update Keynote

by Julius Vandersteen

Keynote is Apple's slide-show application for the Mac and is part of the iWork suite of applications, which includes Pages, a document-creation application and Numbers, a spreadsheet application. You use Keynote to create presentations on your Mac, such as to explain office procedures to a group of new employees during orientation or to give details on a new business venture to potential investors. Apple periodically makes improvements and updates to its software, including Keynote. You can easily update Keynote on your Mac when an update is available.

Click "Keynote" from the Keynote menu, and then click "Quick Keynote" to exit the application.

Click the "Apple" logo from the Finder menu.

Click "Software Update." The "Software Update window appears, with a message, "Checking for New Software" while the Mac connects with Apple over the Internet. A message appears, saying, "Software Updates Are Available for Your Computer. Do You Want to Download and Install Them?"

Click "Show Details." The Software Update window appears, with a list of applications that have available updates.

Click "iWork Update" to select it. Details about the update, including information about changes to Keynote, appear in the text window.

Click the check box next to the name of an update to select it for installation. Click a check box to remove the check mark for any applications whose updates you don't want to install.

Click the "Install" button at the bottom of the Software Update window. Your Mac downloads the update and installs it on the computer.

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