How to Update an Insignia GPS

By Michael Wallace

Update an Insignia GPS
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A portable GPS unit, such as an Insignia one, comes in handy whenever you need to quickly find directions to your destination. You are going to want to periodically update the internal maps to get the most out of your GPS . Doing so ensures that your GPS is always up to date with the right directions.

Open your web browser and navigate to the Support & Service section of Insignia's website (see resources).

Locate the downloads on the website and select the .zip file that matches your particular model. Download the file and wait for it to appear as an icon on your computer's desktop.

Remove the memory card from its slot on the side of your GPS unit and insert it into the memory card slot in your computer. If your computer doesn't have a card slot, you can purchase a USB card reader that plugs directly into a USB port in your computera.

Click on the .zip file and unzip it. Drag this icon to the memory card folder on the computer. Wait for the file to copy.

Remove the memory card and reinsert it into the GPS. Turn on the GPS and the file will update the maps.