How to Update a Harman Kardon GPS System

By Melissa King

Harman Kardon GPS navigation devices guide drivers to their destination by providing the fastest and most accurate route available. Many models of Harman Kardon GPS devices have updates available that add new features, fix issues or improve general functionality. You can download these updates from the Harman Kardon website, then apply them to your GPS device using a brief installation process.

Step 1

Go to the Harman Kardon website (see Resources), then click "Support." Click "Support for Your Product."

Step 2

Choose your GPS model from the drop-down menu labeled "All Products," and click "Submit." Your device is displayed.

Step 3

Click on "Product Updates" under "Support Resources," if this option is available to you. Not all GPS models have updates available. Click the link under "Software," then agree to the terms and conditions, and click "Continue." The file is downloaded to your computer.

Step 4

Connect the GPS to the computer using a USB cable. Unzip the folder when the download completes, then double-click the file to begin the update process.

Step 5

Disconnect the GPS when the update completes, and reset the device by either pushing the "Reset" button on the bottom of the device or inserting a paper clip into the "Reset" hole.