How to Update a Garmin SD Card

By Charles Poole

The Garmin GPS is one of the most used devices in marine, outdoor and turn-by-turn directional driving. One of the best ways to keep your Garmin GPS current is to update the maps on your SD card. When you need to update your maps, you have one of two approaches: update your maps through the WebUpdater application from the Garmin website, or buy updated SD cards from Garmin and install them into your GPS.

Install Updated SD Card

Step 1

Go to the Garmin website (see Resources).

Step 2

Click on the "Find Accessories for My Product" drop-down menu, and select your product from the choices. Click the "Go" button.

Step 3

Click the "Accessories" tab in your product page, and then click the "Data Cards" tab at the bottom of the listings. Buy your SD card through the company's website.

Step 4

Power down your Garmin GPS

Step 5

Locate the SD card slot on the side of your GPS. Open the SD card slot with your fingernails.

Step 6

Remove the SD card from the Garmin GPS. Insert your new card into the SD card slot and close the containment hatch.

Turn the Garmin GPS on.

Update SD Card With WebUpdater

Step 1

Connect your Garmin GPS to your computer through the USB cable that came with the device.

Step 2

Go to the Garmin website (see Resources) and download the WebUpdater to your computer.

Step 3

Open the WebUpdater application by double-clicking it after it has finished downloading. Follow the screen prompts to install the application on your computer.

Step 4

Click the "Update" button when the software recognizes your Garmin GPS.

Wait for the WebUpdater to install the latest maps on the SD card in your GPS.