How to Update a Garmin Nuvi 650

By Melissa King

Downloaded Garmin maps before going on a remote expedition.
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The Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS device guides drivers to their destinations with ease, whether they're taking a road trip or just looking for a new restaurant to try. On occasion, Garmin releases an update for the maps, which are preloaded on the GPS devices. Updating your Nuvi 650 ensures that you always have the correct information about roads and new points of interest. The Nuvi 650 map update must be purchased on the Garmin website, then applied to the device with a brief installation procedure.

Step 1

Go to the Garmin website. Navigate to the "Maps" tab. Click on "Update Maps."

Step 2

Click "Check for Updates," then "All Other Devices."

Step 3

Install the Garmin Communicator application so the software is able to search for your device's update. Click "Continue," then "Agree." Save the file to your computer, then run it when the download completes.

Step 4

Connect the Nuvi 650 to the computer with a USB cable. In the Garmin Communicator software, double-click the "Garmin Agent" icon. You are returned to the Garmin website, and available updates for the device are shown.

Step 5

Choose either a one-time update or updates for life. Complete the order by providing your payment information.

Step 6

Click "Download." You are taken to a new page to download the Garmin Map Update Application, which prepares and installs the update for you. Click "Download" again. Wait for the download to be applied to the Nuvi 650, then disconnect the device when it is complete.