How to Update the Garmin Nuvi 205W (4 Steps)

By Aaron Wein

Downloaded Garmin maps before going on a remote expedition.
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The Nuvi 205W is part of Garmin's affordable line of GPS units. Despite its relatively low price when compared to the higher-end 3700 series, the 205W still manages to have features such as a picture viewer, the ability to create routes and traffic reporting. And, like the more-expensive models, Garmin continually upgrades the 205W's software. Updating your Nuvi's operating system ensures you have the latest options and features.

Step 1

Download and install WebUpdater, available free online. (See References for a link.)

Step 2

Connect the Nuvi 205W to your computer with your USB cable.

Step 3

Run WebUpdater.

Step 4

Follow the WebUpdater prompts to update your Nuvi 205W. The program automatically installs the software upgrades to your device