How to Update a Garmin Map for the Kenwood DNX9960

By Melissa King

Download map updates to your GPS system using a USB cable.
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The Kenwood DNX9960 is an in-dash navigation system that features turn-by-turn directions, built-in Bluetooth, traffic alerts and Garmin maps. On occasion, updates are released for the Garmin software that adds extra features, or fixes known issues. Before updating the DNX9960 with Garmin's latest software, it is necessary to update the device's firmware through the Kenwood website. After doing so, the Garmin update can be downloaded and installed on the device.

Step 1

Download the DNX9960 firmware update from the Open the downloaded file. Connect a USB storage device to the computer, and copy the update file to the USB device.

Step 2

Connect the USB storage device to the DNX9960. Press "Menu" and choose "Standby." Press "Setup," "Software" and "Update." Wait approximately three minutes for the update to finish. Remove the USB device, and reset the DNX9960.

Step 3

Go the, and download the software update for the DNX9960.

Step 4

Insert an SD card into the computer, and create a directory on the card by right-clicking on the screen and selecting "New Folder." Name the new folder "garmin." Copy the update file to the "garmin" folder, then remove the card from the computer.

Step 5

Place the SD card into the card slot on the DNX9960. The update should begin automatically. When the update finishes, remove the SD card.