How to Update a Garmin GPS Unit

By Josh Baum

A Garmin GPS unit can take you just about anywhere, giving you turn-by-turn directions all the way. But as old roads are closed for construction and new roads are built, those turn-by-turn directions must adapt to the ever-changing landscape. That's why it's important to update your Garmin GPS unit on a regular basis. With frequent updates, you'll never have to navigate without the latest maps, applications and features.

Step 1

Navigate to the Garmin website and download the installation file for its WebUpdater program. A direct link to the download location can be found in the Resources section below.

Step 2

Open the installation file and follow the on-screen prompts to install WebUpdater.

Step 3

Plug one end of the Garmin USB cable into the GPS unit and then connect the other end to the computer.

Step 4

Launch the Garmin WebUpdater software. Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm that you want to update the unit. The software will check for software updates to WebUpdater first and will install them automatically if it finds any. Then it will search for map and feature updates, and finally, it will install those updates on the Garmin GPS unit.

Step 5

Close the WebUpdater program when updating has finished and disconnect the Garmin GPS unit from the computer. The Garmin GPS unit is now updated.