How to Update a Garmin 700 Series GPS

By J. Johnson

Your Garmin nüvi device can help you navigate easier.
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The Garmin nüvi 700 series are GPS devices with preloaded map information that use Global Positioning Satellites to help you navigate. If you have found that the maps loaded onto your Garmin nüvi 700 series device are outdated or if you want some added features, you can download new data and update your Garmin.

Step 1

Check to see if your Garmin nüvi 700 series device comes with a free map update. You will find this in the product description or packaging materials your device came with.

Step 2

Go to the "Find Map Updates" page of the Garmin website. Click "Automotive." You might need to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin to continue.

Step 3

Attach your Garmin nüvi 700 series device to your computer. To do this, use the USB cable that came with it. Maps that are available to update your device will appear. If you are eligible for a free update, you'll see this on the screen.

Step 4

Click the map you want to install on your device. If it's free, this download will occur immediately. Otherwise, you need to enter payment information first.

Step 5

Go to the "Garmin Extras" page to download other types of updates for your Garmin nüvi 700 series device. Click "Downloads" or "Services," depending on what type of update you want.

Step 6

Click on the update you want for your device. Available downloads include travel guides, language guides, games and trip planning software. Services include real-time traffic and safety camera information, as well as specialty features like geochaching software. Click the update you want, enter your payment information and ensure your device is connected to your computer so it can be installed.