How to Update the Modem Firmware on a Siemens SpeedStream 4100

By Jesse Lanclos

Update the Modem Firmware on a Siemens SpeedStream 4100
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If you experience difficulty connecting to the Internet with your Siemens 4100 DSL modem, you may need to upgrade the firmware. Recent firmware updates also fix a problem with accessing AOL for Broadband 9.0. Siemens also provides updates to security and power management of the modem in its latest firmware release for the 4100.

Download the most recent Siemens 4100 DSL modem firmware to your desktop (see Resources for link).

Unzip the folder to your computer by following the prompts provided by your default unzip utility.

Plug the modem into the computer with the Ethernet cable.

Open your Internet browser. In the address bar, type or paste Press "Enter" to access the modem settings.

Click "Advanced" on the left. Then click "Update Modem."

Find the modem access code on the sticker on the bottom of your modem. Enter the code when prompted to do so. Click "Continue" to resume the update.

Select "Browse." Select the file "005-D240-A5F-SBC53-4100.upg" from the location you downloaded it to your computer. Select "Open," then "Update software from PC." A confirmation screen will appear and your modem will reboot to update the firmware.