How to Update Firmware on a Magnavox Blu-Ray Player

By Matthew Weeks

Updating firmware on a Magnavox Blu-Ray player requires a digital medium.
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The internal firmware of a Blu-Ray player refers to the digital data structures that facilitate its internal operations. Firmware allows for the reading of different types of data on disks by the player, the customization of display options, the internal clock and many other processes that frequently go unnoticed. Updating the firmware on a Magnavox Blu-Ray player is disk-driven; you must download data and burn it onto a digital storage device, then allow the Blu-Ray player to read it.

Step 1

Download the latest version of the firmware for your model of Blu-Ray player from the Magnavox website. The firmware will arrive as a zipped archive containing a single file, which is a digital image of a readable DVD. Unzip the file to your desktop.

Step 2

Insert a blank DVD disk into your removable storage drive. Cancel the pop-up window that will automatically appear prompting you to burn a data or video disk.

Step 3

Right-click on the unzipped file residing on your Desktop, and select "Send To" and "DVD/CD-RW" drive, or whatever name you have given to your removable storage drive.

Step 4

Follow the prompts of the CD/DVD Burning Wizard that will appear in order to burn the image to your disk.

Step 5

Power on your Blu-Ray player, open the tray and insert the newly burned disk. The Blu-Ray player will prompt you on your television screen to update the firmware.

Step 6

Use the remote control to select "Yes" when prompted to update the firmware.

Step 7

Select "OK" when the firmware update is complete, and power off your Blu-Ray player.

Step 8

Power your Blu-Ray player back on to complete the update. You may need to change back any settings you had previously customized from their default values.