How to Update DVD Burner Drivers

by Mike Benson
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The Microsoft Update server holds the needed Windows drivers for most optical drives. If your DVD burner is not operating correctly or at all, you likely need to update the drivers for the drive. Fortunately, you can update the driver for your DVD burner from within your Windows operating system.

Step 1

Press your "Windows" and "R" keys simultaneously. This loads a Run box.

Step 2

Type "Devmgmt.msc" and press the "Enter" key to open your Device Manager.

Step 3

Double-click "DVD/CD-ROM drives." This expands a list of your optical hardware.

Step 4

Right-click your DVD burner, then select "Update Driver Software."

Step 5

Click "Search automatically for updated driver software." This causes Windows to connect to the Microsoft Windows Update server.

Press "Close" if no update is found. If an update is found, press "OK" to confirm download and installation.


  • If your device is not working properly, but there was no new driver found, right-click the DVD burner in the Device Manager and select "Uninstall," then click "Action" and select "Scan for hardware changes." The hardware will be reinstalled.


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  • external dvd/cd burner image by patrimonio designs from

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