How to Update to a New Navigation DVD for a 2006 Grand Cherokee

By Melissa King

Update to a New Navigation DVD for a 2006 Grand Cherokee
i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rugged vehicle, designed for off-road use in challenging terrain, as well as everyday city and highway driving. Some models of the Grand Cherokee come equipped with a navigation system to assist drivers in finding their destination. As of 2010, the latest map update for the 2006 Grand Cherokee includes new and changed roads, as well as approximately 8.8 million points of interest across the United States and Canada. The update can be purchased via the Jeep website, and it is shipped to you on DVD.

Go to the Jeep website, and click the "For Owners" tab on the far right side of the top of the page.

Click "Buy Now" under the Navteq heading, located on the right side of the page. Click "Grand Cherokee," then "2006." The latest map update is shown.

Choose "Add to Cart." Enter your billing and shipping information, and complete the checkout process. The update is shipped on a DVD.

Eject the original map DVD from the Grand Cherokee's navigation system. Insert the new DVD. Upon starting the vehicle, the new maps are loaded and are ready to view.