How to Update a Delphi GPS

By Dan Harkins

Most GPS manufacturers conveniently post updates on operating software for each of their navigation systems, so customers can keep their firmware updated and devices purring smoothly. The Delphi line of GPS navigation systems -- like the NAV200 or NAV300 dash-mounted devices or more advanced types that combine media-playing capabilities -- is a little harder to update. You'll have to download an upgrade for your device from an online source, but you can still find it for free.

Step 1

Turn on your Delphi GPS and an Internet-ready computer and connect the two via your USB connector.

Step 2

Navigate to one of the two links in the Resources section and click on "Download" for the software you'd like to download. (When you turn on your device, it should quickly flash the firmware number during initialization. Upgrade to the next number up that chain.)

Step 3

Choose "Save File" and place the file in a convenient location on your computer.

Step 4

After the download, double-click on the file and choose "Run." Follow the prompts on the screen to override your device's old firmware and install the new variety.