How to Update BIOS on Toughbook

by C.D. Crowder

After making major changes to a Panasonic Toughbook, check for new Basic Input Output System (BIOS) updates. When you change the operating system or even install new hardware such as a larger hard drive, the system may not work as well as it used to or you may encounter error messages. To prevent this, update the BIOS, which is the software your motherboard uses as the liaison between the operating system and hardware. Panasonic provides free BIOS updates for their Toughbook line of computers.


Back up any personal or important files from the Toughbook. This is a precaution in the event the BIOS update does not complete successfully. This is rare, but backing up prevents loss of data should anything go wrong.


Connect the Toughbook to its AC adapter. You must have it connected to a power source to update the BIOS.


Visit Panasonic's Toughbook Downloads site (see Resources).


Select "BIOS and EC" from the "Search For" box.


Choose all other product details from the remaining search boxes. You must select the exact Toughbook model and operating system for the correct BIOS.


Single-click the link for the latest available BIOS update.


Press "Download" beside the first download, which is the BIOS update. For further instructions on updating the BIOS, press the "Download" button beside the second download.


Double-click the BIOS update to start installing the BIOS update program.


Press "Yes" to agree to the license agreement.


Choose the installation location. Unless you have a reason to do otherwise, use the default location.


Press "OK" when the "Unpacking of files completed" message appears.


Open the location where you installed the BIOS update program. The default is "C:\biosup."


Double-click the BIOS update, which is an .exe file.


Press "Continue."


Press "Write" to start the BIOS update.


Press "Yes" twice when prompted.


Press "OK" to complete the Toughbook BIOS update and restart the computer.


  • check You do not need to update the BIOS more than once every one to two years unless you notice system problems that no other solution will fix. Panasonic only releases BIOS updates as needed when problems are noticed or reported.


  • close Never use a BIOS update that is not specific to the Toughbook model. This will corrupt the system.

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