How to Update the BIOS on an RC410-M Motherboard

By Jennifer Moore

Keep your HP BIOS updated.
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The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) tells a computer what do do before any program starts. It controls the information that allows your computer to turn on. Every manufacturer, including HP, recommends that you periodically check for updated drivers, and download and install them to keep your computer working optimally. The RC410-M motherboard is made for HP media computers. The BIOS update is available at the HP website, and is recommended as a solution for system-freezing issues.

Step 1

Download the current BIOS update from the RC410-M Motherboard BIOS Update site (see Resources). Alternatively, navigate to the HP website, click on "Support and Drivers", enter your computer model and click on "Drivers". A list of the latest drivers for your computer will appear, including the RC410-M BIOS drivers.

Step 2

Click "Download" next to the Bios RC410-M driver description. Choose to save the program when asked to either run or save the program.

Step 3

Locate the program icon in the folder you chose to save the program to and click it twice to install it. Click "Yes" if a message appears saying you already have the driver and wanting to know if you want to override it. Click "Next" when prompted and follow the installation instructions. Wait for the installation wizard to complete the BIOS update process.

Step 4

Restart the computer if prompted. Your updated BIOS driver is now installed.