How to Update the BIOS for the 680i SLI

By Damarious Page

The BIOS is housed on a chip connected to the motherboard.
i bios chip image by Nikolay Okhitin from <a href=''></a>

Nvidia has partnered with other companies to offer the NForce 680i SLI series motherboard to consumers. Nvidia offers its engineering expertise in the making of the motherboard, while authorized partners sell and support the hardware. These partners maintain the BIOS, or basic input output system, on the NForce motherboards. The BIOS is an important component on motherboards, helping the computer check system hardware and start the operating system. Though the motherboard is labeled with "Designed by Nvidia," the update to the BIOS is achieved through its partners.

Step 1

Open an Internet browser window, and navigate to Nvidia's "NForce 680i SLI Support" web page (see Resources).

Step 2

Find the name of the Nvidia partner company labeled on the motherboard. Click on the "BIOS" link next to that company. Wait for the web page to advance from Nvidia's website to the manufacturer's support website for the BIOS. For example, click on the "BIOS" link next to "Albatron."

Step 3

Type in or select drop-down menu options for the 680i SLI motherboard model, then press the "Enter" key or click the "Search" button on the web page. Continuing with the Albatron example, type "680i SLI" in the blank box labeled "Model Name."

Step 4

Scroll through the list of results for the 680i SLI motherboard on the partner's web page to find the most recent and relevant BIOS update. Using Albatron's partnership as an example, the most recent update was in September 2008, version "P33," addressing and fixing 10 issues with the BIOS.

Step 5

Click the hyperlink for the BIOS update of interest to download it to the computer's hard drive. Click the "Save File" option in the pop-up box, and save the BIOS update to a location that is easy to remember and find on the hard drive. Continuing with the "Albatron" example, the link is "NF680i SLI."

Step 6

Double-click on the saved BIOS update file from the hard drive, and wait for a pop-up window to show on the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the installation and update the 680i SLI BIOS until you see a message that the process is complete.