How to Update Your BIN for FTA

by Jason Taetsch
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FTA receivers work with your satellite to acquire free TV programming. The BIN files on your FTA receiver help keep the receiver in touch with the necessary satellites to receive the TV signals. Without the updated BIN files, your receiver would not have the up-to-date information required to collect FTA channels for your TV. If your FTA system is not working properly, your BIN files may need updating.

Step 1

Open an Internet Explorer window, or any other browser and go to FTA Supreme (see Resources). Click the "Download Now" link next to the entry for your FTA receiver to download the updated BIN files. Save the files to your "Downloads" folder or your desktop.

Step 2

Plug the USB end of the drive into a port on your computer. Wait a few moments for your computer to detect the drive. Click "Start" and choose "Computer." Click the "USB Flash Drive" option to open a folder for the drive.

Step 3

Drag the downloaded BIN files to the USB flash drives folder. Wait a few moments for the transfer to finish before disconnecting the drive.

Plug the drive into the "USB" port on either the front or rear panel on your receiver.


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