How to Update a Becker GPS

By Tara Cantore

Update an Insignia GPS
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Becker is a German company that creates radio equipment and mobile navigation units for motor vehicles. Becker has a number of Global Positioning System (GPS) units that allow a driver to plot routes, see where they are and see where they are are going in real-time. Every Becker GPS runs software that is often updated with improved accuracy, bugfixes and additional features. You can update your Becker GPS from the console window of Becker's GPS Operating System.

Step 1

Click the button next to "Options" on the GPS window.

Step 2

Click the button next to "Check for Updates."

Step 3

Wait while the GPS communicates with the mobile network and determines if an update is available.

Step 4

Click the button next to "Yes" if you would like to install the GPS update, and accept the warning about loss of connectivity. The GPS software may be offline for up to 30 minutes during the update process.