How to Update Action Replay on a DS If You Have a Mac

By Alexander Poirier

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Action Replay is a game modifier for the Nintendo DS system that allows users to use a number of codes, cheats and other modifiers with their DS game cartridges. The device is fully updatable, but doing so requires the application interface. Since this program is meant to be executed on a Windows based computer, Mac users are forced to use a virtual system program to run Windows on their Mac OS based computers so that they may update their Action Replay cartridges.

Step 1

Purchase and download a virtual operating system program on your Mac OS based computer. Boot Camp, Parallels and VMware Fusion are a few of the virtual operating system programs available. Follow the onscreen instructions or the instructions that came with the product to install the program. During the installation process, you will be prompted to insert a copy of a Windows OS installation disc into the computer's disc drive. Do so, and continue to follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation process.

Step 2

Run the virtual operating system program per the instructions that came with the product (some products have you launch Windows from the Mac OS while some have you reset the computer in a specific manner to launch Windows) to launch the virtual version of Windows.

Step 3

Insert the Action Replay PC application disc into the computer's disc drive with the Windows virtual OS running. Double-click the disc image to begin the installation process. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the Action Replay application.

Step 4

Insert the Action Replay cartridge into the DS system and turn the DS system on. Tap the "Update" button on the DS's touch screen to bring the DS to the update menu.

Step 5

Connect the Action Replay to the computer via the USB cable that came with it. Double-click the Action Replay application icon to run the application.

Step 6

Click the "Software Update" button in the top right-hand corner of the application window. When prompted, click the "Yes" button to update the PC application software and the Action Replay cartridge firmware. When the "Progress" bar fills up completely, the update is complete.