How to Hook Up A Blu-Ray Disc Player To Your TV

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Wondering how to hook up that new Blu-Ray Disc Player you just got to your TV? Here's how...

To enjoy your Blu-Ray Disc Player to the fullest, your TV should be Hi Definition 1080P capable, though lower resolution capable TV's will work as well with the player. Your Blu-Ray Disc Player will also play DVD's as well.

The simplest way to hook up your Blu-Ray Disc Player to your TV is to use an HDMI cable, which carries both video and audio over the same cable. Using this type of cable reduces the amount of cable clutter behind your TV as well. You will need to verify that your TV has an HDMI Input on the back of it in order to use that type of cable. If it does not have an HDMI Input on the back, the next best selection would be to use a Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) cable, however you'll also still need to use a separate cable to carry the audio signal as well if you go this route. You'll need to verify that your TV has an unused Component Video Input connection on the back, as well as an input for the audio.

Once you have selected a connection method to hook up your Blu-Ray player to your TV, and have made the connections from the output on the Blu-Ray player to the input(s) on your TV, plug in the player, and you're ready to start enjoying Hi Def 1080P (if your TV is capable of that resolution output) movies!

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