How to Untag on Facebook with the iPhone

By Isobel Phillips

Photo tags appear in search results and on your Timeline.
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When someone tags you on Facebook in a post or photo, they create a link to your Timeline that may be visible to their friends as well as yours. Tagging may be used to draw your attention to a photo that you don't appear in and, depending on your privacy settings, post it on your Timeline. You can choose to be notified when someone tags you and a tag from someone you're not friends with may be held until you review it. You can untag photos -- but not posts -- from the iPhone app.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account from the iPhone application and locate the photo you want to untag.

Step 2

Tap the photo to open it in a new screen.

Step 3

Tap on the three dots under the photo and on the next screen select "Report Photo."

Step 4

Tap "I want to untag myself" and press "Continue." Tap "OK" on the next screen to confirm.