How to Unsync the iPhone

By Avery Martin

You can disable access to Facebook on an iPod Touch.
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Once you've set your iPhone to sync to your computer, you have to go into iTunes on that computer to disable syncing. There are three ways to sync your iPhone with your computer and each option requires different steps. You can sync an iPhone using iTunes Wi-Fi Connect, a USB cable or by using iCloud. If you want to keep the data on your iPhone separate from the data on your computer, you can turn off syncing to prevent valuable contacts, media and applications from syncing to your computer.

USB Syncing and WiFi

Step 1

Connect your iPhone to your computer, and launch iTunes if it doesn't start automatically.

Step 2

Click on your iPhone under the Devices section.

Step 3

Click on each tab, and uncheck the Sync checkbox for each type of content.

Step 4

Select the "Summary" tab, and uncheck the option to "Sync This iPhone Over WiFi."

Step 5

Click "Apply" to save your changes.

iCloud Syncing

Step 1

Press the Home button, and tap the "Settings" app.

Step 2

Tap on the "iCloud" option.

Step 3

Turn each of the sliders to "Off" to prevent syncing your iPhone content with iCloud.