How to Unsubscribe to Mailing Lists

by Mitchell White

When you subscribe to an online mailing list, you usually receive a series of emails that come at regular intervals. The emails depend on the type of list to which you subscribed. Some mailing lists you can only get on by subscribing, but others might subscribe you without your permission. If you are annoyed by the volume of emails you receive from the lists you subscribed to, or if you receive unsolicited emails, you can unsubscribe from these lists by using the information inside of the emails you receive.

Click on an email you received from a particular mailing list.

Scroll down to the bottom of the email. You'll see the word "Unsubscribe" hyperlinked, sometimes in a light gray color.

Click the "Unsubscribe" hyperlink. A new window opens, typically containing options to unsubscribe or to decrease the frequency of emails received. Select the radio button to indicate you'd like to unsubscribe, and click "OK" if prompted.


  • check Some mailing lists will have an email address listed that you will have to send an email to with "Unsubscribe" or something similar in the subject line in order to get off a mailing list.

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