How Do I Unsubscribe From an Email List?

by Irene A. Blake

Businesses, organizations, special interest groups and website owners use email lists to notify recipients of new products and services, sales, discounts or general information about topics that interest them. Whether you purposely or accidentally subscribed to these updates, you unsubscribe using options provided by the sender or other online and offline methods.

Follow the Removal Instructions

A list email usually contains a dedicated address or "Unsubscribe" link with instructions for stopping the subscription at the bottom of the message. List removal requests are usually handled by automated systems. A system might unsubscribe your address immediately or ask you to confirm your decision via a confirmation Web page or email.

Use Alternative Contact Methods

If you can't find removal instructions, confirm that the sender's address doesn’t have “no-reply” in it and then reply with your request and "Unsubscribe" or "Remove Me" in the Subject line. If you're dealing with a "no-reply" address, ask the sender to remove your email from his records using one or more of the general contact methods provided on his website, such as a phone number, email address or chat window.

Block All Future Emails

Some subscription emails are fakes sent by criminals who are trying to gain access to your computer or personal private information. If you don’t recognize the sender’s name or address, mark the email as spam so that future emails go directly to your spam folder or use your email service provider's address-blocking feature.

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