How to Find an Unsent Meeting in Outlook

By Bray Bell

In Outlook, a meeting is an appointment that gives you the ability to invite other users or reserve specific resources. You can create face-to-face or online meetings. When a meeting is created you must identify the intended people you want to invite and pick a meeting time. If you create a meeting but never send it, it can be difficult to locate.

Step 1

Open Outlook and click on "Calendar."

Step 2

Click "View," "Change View" and then "Manage Views."

Step 3

Click "Modify" and then "Filter."

Step 4

Click the "SQL" tab.

Step 5

Type in the following code:{00062002-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/8229000B = false

Step 6

Check "Edit these criteria directly."

Step 7

Click "OK" three times to get back in Calendar view. You should be able to see any unsent meetings now.