How to Unscramble a Satellite Card

By Greyson Ferguson

You need to unscramble the programming on your receiver to watch satellite programming.
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Satellite equipment receives signals that it filter into your television. Many satellite providers, such as DirecTV and Dish Network, have different tier packages, giving you options for stations. In order to unscramble the content you pay for, you need a specific satellite card. This card informs the receiver of the programming and gives it the unscramble codes, allowing you to view the purchased content.

Contact your satellite provider. Although some newer receiver models receive programming upgrades via Internet connection, older receivers rely on the satellite card. If you request to upgrade or change your current service package, you are issued a new satellite card. This card is either mailed to you, dropped off at your home by a service technician or picked up at the local service center.

Power down the satellite receiver and open the satellite card access slot, which is typically located directly on the front of the receiver. This exposes the current satellite card.

Slide out the current card and insert the new satellite card.

Power on the satellite receiver. The satellite card unscrambles the television programming and uploads its coding information. Once complete, you can view the TV channels that are part of your satellite package.