How to Unrestrict Your Phone

By Natalie Saar

With the touch of three buttons, you can block your number from appearing on caller IDs.
i cell phone image by Alexey Klementiev from

Unblocking your cell phone number enables it to show up on caller ID and is a lot easier than you may think. You can either unblock it from all calls, or unblock it from specific calls. If at anytime you want to block your number, you can do that as well.

Call 611 to reach your cell phone provider. You can ask them to unblock your number from caller IDs. This is a free service, according to federal regulations.

Dial 82 before the area code and the number to unblock your number on individual calls, if your number is always blocked. For example, dial 82-123-456-7890

Dial a number to test call and make sure your number is unblocked. If you have another phone in your house that has caller ID, call it to make sure yours appears. You can call a friend or family member as well if you do not have another phone.