How to Unpartition a Flash Drive (4 Steps)

By Jonah Quant

You can reset the partition table on your flash drive.
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The space on removable fash drives is typically divided into partitions. A user may need to erase all partitions on a Flash drive, along with the data they contain, to create a new set of partitions. You can delete all partitions on a drive using tools built into the Windows operating system.

Step 1

Log into the computer as Administrator.

Step 2

Connect the flash drive to the computer.

Step 3

Click "Start," then "Control panel," "System and maintenance," then "Administrative tools." Double-click "Computer management." Go to "Storage" then to "Disk management." Select the flash drive. The Disk Management utility will display the state of the disk, with free regions and regions occupied by existing partitions.

Step 4

Right-click on each existing partition, then select "Delete Partition." Click "Yes" to confirm your choice. Repeat for all partitions on the flash drive. At the end of this process, the flash drive will have been completely unpartitioned.