How to Unlock a Nokia Phone With a USB Cable

by Palmer Owyoung

If you purchased your Nokia phone through a cell service provider, you probably got it for free or at a subsidized rate, which means that the phone probably came with a contract and is locked to the provider's network. You'll need to "unlock" it if you want to use your phone with a different mobile company.


Download and run the free Nokia Tool by Rollis 1.8. It is a readily executable file, so no installation is needed.


Connect the phone to your computer using your data cable. Turn your phone and computer on. The software will detect what type of data cable you are using. Have the software auto-configure itself to the type of data cable you are using by clicking on the "beetle" button located on the top right of the tool bar. Wait for a few seconds for the "Found Phone" prompt to appear.


Press on the "Read Phone Info" button at the top left area of the tool bar. Information about your phone will be displayed in the text box. You will see four locks displayed in the information. If any of these are closed, the phone is locked.


Click on the "Clear SP Locks" button. Unhook your phone from the USB cable and wait for it to restart. When it comes back on, it will be unlocked and usable on a different network.

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