How to Unlock a Zeepad With a Google Account

by Danielle Fernandez

The low price of the Android-based Zeepad makes it an attractive purchase for budget-minded consumers. To protect your purchase, it is prudent to add a PIN or pattern screen lock. This enables you to keep your apps, contacts, passwords and other important information private from unauthorized users. If you forget the unlock sequence, however, or you've made too many incorrect guesses, you may be able to unlock the device using your Google account information.


Tap "Forgot Password," which appears at the bottom of your tablet's screen after you have incorrectly entered your PIN or pattern unlock sequence at least five times.


Enter your full Gmail address and password, and then tap "Sign In."


Create a new unlock pattern or PIN and tap "Continue." Repeat the unlock pattern or PIN and tap "Continue" again. Your phone is now unlocked and a new security unlock pattern has been established.


  • check If you are unable to remember your Google logins to unlock your device, you'll have to perform a hard reset to restore your tablet to the factory settings. This process permanently deletes all data from the device, so it should only be used as a last resort.

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