How to Unlock WildTangent Games

By Isaiah Turning

WildTangent is a global games media company, according to the official WildTangent website. The company allows you to purchase and play games through their games network, which makes use of advertising and game delivery methods. When you purchase a game from WildTangent and install the game on your computer, you need to unlock the installed software before you can play the game.

Step 1

Obtain your unlock code. WildTangent provides you with the code on the final page of the checkout screen after purchase and also includes it in an email they send to you after the purchase.

Step 2

Install your purchased game and click the installed game's icon to start the program.

Step 3

Click the unlock link in the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 4

Type your game's unlock code into the text field and press “Enter."