How to Unlock Websites in School

by Alexandra Bee

School's often have many websites blocked or labeled as inaccessible for privacy and safety reasons. There are downloadable programs available, but these are not always safe and secure. There are "proxy" websites, which allow users to browse websites anonymously, some of them removing the restrictions of school and work filters. Though the use of proxies are generally prohibited and can result in severe consequences, they are available for free use by anyone.

Bypassing School Filters

Find and locate a well-known proxy server website that is free to use.

Once on the proxy website, type in the URL you are attempting to visit in the URL box. Instructions are generally located on each proxy landing page for easy use.

Each proxy differs, but every one of them offers different features, such as enabling cookies and encoding URLs to keep browsing secure and anonymous. Choose the options you would like upon browsing the website.

Select "Search" or "Go" to begin browsing under the website proxy. This will allow users to browse without a web filter or restrictions. If a particular proxy website is not working, it is common. Proxy websites are available for free use around the Internet.


  • close Using proxies are generally against all school and institution rules, as it is bypassing rules already in place. Use proxy websites at your own risk.

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