How to Unlock a Verizon LG

by Meaghan Ellis

Locks placed on mobile devices prohibit any use of the phone's call capabilities and other functions. This type of technicality is implemented for the best interest of the phone to avoid activation on stolen mobile devices. Locks can only be removed by keying in specific codes that are provided by your mobile carrier. LG brand mobile devices carried by Verizon Wireless can only be unlocked through technical support provided by this carrier.

Write down your mobile device's internal information for reference. This information can be retrieved by removing the back panel of your phone and taking out the battery. You will see a list of unique identification numbers and/or serial numbers, either on the mobile device's battery or the back exterior facing of the phone.

Download the LG Manufacturer unlock software from the online Web address. When the page loads, fill out the personal information data forms to obtain the download link for your LG mobile device.

Click on the download link that will appear to extract the software's contents from your Internet browser. Once the software installation is complete, you should see the LG Unlocking software suite icon on your computer's desktop screen. Restart your computer to configure the new installation settings.

Turn your mobile device off. When your computer reboots, connect your Verizon LG USB adapter cable to the mobile device and your computer. Allow your computer to detect the connection. Open your LG Unlocking software suite by clicking on its icon on your desktop screen. When the LG Unlock portal screen appears, enter your login information in the data forms on the left panel of the screen. Press the "Connect" button below the login data forms.

Choose your mobile device's comport, based on the unique identifiers you retrieved from the back of the mobile device. The identifiers should match the internal information generated by the server's connection to your computer and mobile device. Press the "Unlock Phone" command. Once this command has been processed, the server will prompt you to "Press and Hold the Mobile Device Power Button." Hold the button down for approximately five seconds. Your mobile device screen will read, "Sending First Loader." The "Loader OK" notification will appear shortly. Release the power button when the "Loader OK" code appears. The unlocking process will now begin. Within one minute, you will receive the final indication that will read "Unlocking Process Complete."


  • check Write down the mobile device's internal information before beginning the process to avoid disconnecting the mobile device from the computer.


  • close Be sure you are not trying to activate a stolen device. These devices are permanently locked because the lock is now embedded in the phones MSID and Serial ID. The mobile device is now considered blacklisted. Do not remove the USB adapter cable or battery before the process is complete. You may have to abort the unlocking process and start over if this happens.

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