How to Unlock Any Verizon CDMA Phone

By Josh Moorhead

A Verizon CDMA phone can be unlocked to work with other networks.
i cell phone image by Alexey Klementiev from

Unlocking a Verizon CDMA phone is an easy process. Like any cell phone, a CDMA phone requires a network to work. In this case that network is Verizon. Unlocking the phone will allow it to work with other network providers. CDMA refers to how the phone sends and receives signals; it does not limit functionality with other networks. Unlocking the phone requires permission from Verizon in the form of a code and a memory card from the new provider.

Contact Verizon customer service and express your intent to unlock the phone. Verizon will then retrieve the individual phone's identification number, or IMEI code. Depending on the terms agreed to on the initial contract with Verizon, the company may or may not charge for the IMEI code.

Turn the phone off. Turn it on its face and remove the protective covering over the battery on the back of the phone. Near the battery is a smaller slot with a small memory card in it. This is Verizon's SIM card. Slide it out and replace it with the SIM card of the new network, which your new provider will give you when a new contract is entered.

Restart the phone. Sensing the new SIM card, a prompt will appear on the screen asking for an authorization code to move forward. This is the IMEI code. Enter it using the phone's dial pad. After accepting the code, the phone is unlocked and will begin working with the new network.