How to Unlock a Uniden

By Jon Stefansson

Uniden manufactures a range of CB radios, radio scanners, marine radios and other wireless communication devices. Many of the company's electronics feature a control lock that prevents accidental input via the controls during use. Turning off the lock, or "unlocking" the Uniden involves pressing the correct buttons on the front of the device. Exact instructions vary based on your device and model.

Step 1

Look for a "Lock" button among the buttons on the front of the device. Press and hold the button down until the key icon on the LCD display goes out. The device is unlocked and ready for normal use. Repeating this step restores the control lock.

Step 2

Hold the power button until the unit turns off, and then switch the device back on. The control lock turns off. Reconfigure the lock by pressing the "Menu" button until a padlock icon appears on the display, then press the "Up" arrow button. "Off" appears on the display. Press "Up" again until "On" appears, if necessary. Press "Menu" to confirm your setting.

Locate the "1/5W" button on a Uniden marine radio. Press and hold the button for two seconds until the handset beeps twice and "Lock" disappears from the display. Repeating this step restores the lock. The handset does not respond to input while the lock is active.