How to Unlock Your T-Mobile Phone

By James Johnson

You can unlock your T-Mobile phone.
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If you want to unlock your T-Mobile phone for use with other services, you have that option. Unlocking a T-Mobile phone is useful for those who want to use worldwide SIM cards in their phones, or even for some customers looking to switch over to a new wireless carrier that also offers GSM calling abilities.

Calling Customer Service

Step 1

Call T-Mobile customer service at 1-800-866-2453. You'll need to provide your account information. Typically, this is just your phone number, name and any password you have on your account. Have your account number on hand as well.

Step 2

Ask the customer service representative for your device's unlock code. You may not be able to get it unless you have used the phone for at least 121 days. After that time period, getting the code shouldn't be a problem.

Step 3

Follow the steps that T-Mobile gives you. Typically, unlocking the phone involves pressing a number of keys in a specified order. Try inserting a SIM card from another provider if you have one. If your signal strength bar appears with the new SIM card, your unlock process was successful.

Purchasing Unlock Codes

Step 1

Find a website that sells cell phone unlock codes.

Step 2

Find your cell phone model on the website.

Step 3

Enter your phone's IMEI number when purchasing your unlock code. The IMEI number is on the back of your phone under the battery cover and battery. This code will determine your unlock code and is needed in most cases to complete the process.

Step 4

Look for an email containing your unlock code. Follow the directions exactly as they appear, then test your phone with another provider's SIM card, if available. Your phone should now be unlocked.