How to Unlock the Speaker Bar on a Dell Monitor

By Daniel Foster

Select flat-panel monitors from Dell have an optional Soundbar speaker set that you can connect to the bottom of the display. This proprietary device has a volume control on the front, as well as two headphone jacks on the left side. Although a Soundbar takes up less space than typical computer speakers, you may want to remove the device from your monitor if it breaks or you no longer need it. Learn how to correctly remove a Soundbar from your Dell monitor to avoid needless hassle and frustration.

Turn the monitor around so that you can view the back. You may need to unplug the display's video and power cables to do this.

Unplug the Soundbar's green audio cable from your computer. Remove the Soundbar power connector from the monitor.

Grip the bottom of the Soundbar and push it to the right to unlock it from the monitor. Keep one hand on the monitor to hold it steady. The Soundbar will detach from the monitor as you pull it away.

Plug your monitor's power and video cables back in. Return the unit to its original position.