How to Unlock a Secure Drive by Wave

By Jim Campbell

Wave Technologies provides software that lets you encrypt drive data. Encrypted drives are a type of protection in case your computer gets stolen. Even though the computer is stolen, the thief is unable to read your data without the encryption password. To unlock the drive, you must turn off the encryption settings. Turning off encryption lets anyone access the drive.

Step 1

Double-click the "Embassy Security Center" icon on your desktop. This icon shortcut opens up the main management screen for your Wave encryption software.

Step 2

Click the "Trusted Drive" tab at the left of the main window. In this tab, click "Manage." This button opens a new window for your drive settings.

Step 3

Click the "Advanced Settings" button. Several options are available from this screen. Click "Disable" to disable the drive encryption and unlock the drive.

Step 4

Reboot your computer. A password is no longer needed to boot the computer. Rebooting the computer verifies that the encryption has been unlocked and disabled.