How to Unlock a Samsung by Verizon

by Casey Helmick
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Verizon Wireless is one of the largest cell phone providers in the United States. Most Verizon Wireless phones can be used on other service providers, if you can unlock the phone by obtaining the subsidy unlock code, or SUC.

Step 1

Call your service provider's customer service line. Most cell phones have the customer service number preprogrammed as 611. If your phone doesn’t, you can find the number on your phone bill or the Verizon Wireless website.

Step 2

Explain to the customer service representative that you would like to unlock your phone for use on another network. If you purchased the phone for the no-contract price, which is usually two times more than the price for purchasing the phone under contract, you will be given the SUC, which you need to unlock your phone. If you purchased the phone under a contract, you are legally required to carry out the agreed contract and will have to prove to the customer service representative that they should unlock your phone for you.

Step 3

Turn your phone off when you’re ready to unlock it. Power your phone back on and hold down the factory settings keys. For most phones these are star (*) and one (1), but if this doesn’t work, check your phone's user manual for the correct keys. The phone will start up and give you a blank screen with a text entry box. Enter the SUC in this box and press send. The phone will now turn off.

Remove the SIM card, which is normally located behind the phone’s battery, and put in the SIM card for the service provider you wish to use. Power the phone on and place a test call to make sure that everything is working.


  • When attempting to get a phone unlocked that is under contract, most service providers will accept reasons that involve: moving to areas that have no coverage on their network, moving to a foreign country or paying a negotiated early termination fee to have your contract voided. When attempting to unlock a phone because you are moving, you will need to provide proof of the new residency. Proof of residency can include a utility bill or any form of mail addressed to the customer at the new address.
  • If your service provider doesn’t want to allow you to unlock your phone, there are websites that have software programs capable of obtaining your phone’s code. However, these programs obtain this information by hacking the factory settings of your phone, and if the program isn’t properly programmed or run, it could destroy your phone.


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