How to Unlock Your Samsung Infuse When You Forgot the Pattern

By Melissa King

On your Samsung Infuse, a lock pattern provides extra security when used with a password or PIN. A complicated lock pattern works very well at keeping unwanted users away from the phone, but it's also harder for you to remember. If you forgot your pattern, use your Google Account information to unlock the Infuse. If you didn't set up a Google Account on your Infuse, reset the phone to bypass the lock screen.

Reset Lock Pattern

Step 1

Power on the Infuse and enter any incorrect lock pattern. The message "Sorry, try again" displays.

Step 2

Tap "OK" at the prompt, and then enter the incorrect pattern four more times.

Step 3

Tap the "Forgot Pattern?" button. Enter your Google Account information, and then tap "Sign In."

Enter your new lock pattern, and then touch "Continue." Alternatively, tap "Cancel" to enter a new pattern later.

Factory Reset

Step 1

Power off your Samsung Infuse. If it does not turn off, take out the battery and reinsert it.

Step 2

Press and hold "Power," "Volume Down" and "Volume Up" together.

Step 3

Let go of all the buttons when the Android logo appears.

Step 4

Press "Volume Down" to highlight "Delete All User Data," and then press "Power" to select the option.

Press "Volume Down" to select "Reboot System Now," and then press "Power" to reset the Infuse to its default state.